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Emergency Health Assessment training with them this afternoon 😄#OplanMayon #RedCross  (at Philippine Red Cross Albay-Legaspi City Chapter)
When the cold weather starts getting to my head.
Went bookshopping again today and it was sooo worth it ❤
Reading this inspiring #book by #RichardCarlson #DontSweatTheSmallStuff
Me exactly 😊📖 #books
✨All of the Stars⭐by Ed Sheeran 💖
I love crop tops.
Today’s 9/11. #Godbless everyone.
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Supermodel Miranda Kerr HuffPost Live - Interview: I learned so much from her. She’s truly beautiful,inside and out. Perfect.

Day 7982: You don’t own the people in your life

One thing I realized today, is that no matter how much you value the people you have in your life, you don’t own them. So don’t expect anything from them so you won’t get hurt. You can’t control their choices. You can’t make them choose you over anythimg else. You can’t expect the same love from them by the degree or amount of love you give. Not all the time you get the love that you need from a certain person. Although by all means, it should be that way, equal. But it doesn’t happen all the time. So might as well don’t expect too much so you won’t get hurt. Whether or not that person loves you back, you’re still gonna love them anyway. That’s a fact. And another fact is: we all have this ‘free will’. The free will to choose who we will love. We don’t get to choose who would give us love coz’ it’s given freely. But we have a choice on who we get to give our love. Sometimes, we tend to exhaust ourselves, giving way too much love on someone who won’t reciprocate the same amount of love we are giving. It’s time to stop for a moment and rethink it all. Is it all worth it? It’s all up to you. The most important thing that I want to stress here,is that we too need our own love. We forget that we too, deserve our own love. Take time off from loving other people and give time for yourself. Pamper yourself, do the things you love doing alone. Rediscover your own interests. Remember that before you belong to someone else’s, you belonged to yourself and God. And God didn’t put you in this world just to see you wasted and drained. He wants to see you shine and feel all the love you deserve. Start by refocusing all your energy to the things that really matter. You cannot control other people. Accept that. You can only control your choices. You are loved

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My no.1 rule when hitting the mall. Yung feeling na napadaan ka lng, then may nakita kang magandang item.hahaha 😄😉👠👗💄
Saw my doctor today. 
CBC result in. Monitor temp q 4. Rashes still present. Feeling better. 😷😊💊💉
Thankyou to my Medical Technologist friend @kheembum 😚 galing❤ (at Ago General Hospital)